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Have questions?

Please read FAQ page, or send message to our fanpage. :)

About Mono & Stereo Speakers

- Two mono speakers can't be paired into a set of stereo speakers

- To upgrade to stereo, please pair your mono speaker with "Upgrade Pack" series.

Trial Listening

We put effort on the structure and fittings to enhance the sound quality. It will be more impressive than you thought.


◎ This trial listening video can be played only in computers.

◎ You can also go to our entity stores for trial listening. :)

For whom is Stereo Puzzle suitable for?

Stereo Puzzle is well-designed and suitable for everyone.

It's been tested that people from 7 to 66 years old can puzzle Stereo Puzzle on its own.

However, there are tiny parts in the product. We suggest children under 12 years old should be accompanied by adults when playing Stereo Puzzle.

What are the options of power & sound input?

To power it on, You can connect Stereo Puzzle to USB (e.g. computer), transformer, or power bank.

The sound input is via 3.5mm jack (earphone jack).